Correctional facility enhances safety by achieving situational awareness of all cellular activity after deploying Cellbusters Correctional Suite of products PHOENIX, Jan. 23, 2014- Cellbusters, a market-leading developer of cell phone and radio frequency (RF) emission detection locating technology, today announced that Marion County Detention Center (MCDC) in Lebanon, KY, has chosen the company’s Zone Protector™ and Zone Manager™ products to eliminate contraband cell phones from the Marion County facility.

Contraband Phone Detector MCMC


Cellbusters patented technology Zone Protector and Zone Manager make up a hardware/software solution that helps correctional facilities eliminate security threats arising from illicit cell phone use. Capable of detecting cellular activity including short text messages and cell phone registration pulses, the Zone Protector is an easy-to-deploy passive frequency detection device that continuously monitors cell phone activity within defined areas of a correctional facility.

Once cell phone activity is detected by Zone Protectors distributed around the facility, it is logged by Zone Manager, a centralized software tool that collects alert information in real-time. Through its map interface, the location of the contraband cell phone is immediately exposed. Based on customer preference, alerts can be sent instantly or silently logged.

Used together, Zone Protector and Zone Manager enable security personnel to execute efficient, well-targeted, productive searches and seizures of contraband cell phones with the goal to detect, locate and confiscate.




MCDC deployed a number of Cellbusters Zone Protectors, along with Zone Manager that delivers real-time protection to secure and protect their facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. MCDC choose to employ a Zone Manager that resides in the cloud because it reduced the overhead costs and management overhead by allowing Cellbusters to manage and monitor the software, as well as provide the necessary infrastructure and resources for MCDC to run this solution. In conjunction with a recent phone system upgrade at MCDC, the Cellbusters solution was easy to deploy and covertly installed. Inmates and staff soon became aware that their cellular activity was being detected.

While it is difficult to determine the extent of contraband cell phones in the facility before the installation, MCDC was anecdotally aware of inmates conducting crimes on the outside while they were behind bars. The solution has helped MCDC to have complete situational awareness of all cellular activity in the facility and has eliminated contraband cell phones.

“With the Cellbusters solution, I now have complete control over all cellular activity at the prison, which greatly enhances our security,” said Mark Whitehouse, Captain of Security at MCDC. “Within seconds, I can tell if someone at the prison has a phone turned on and can overlace it with our video surveillance system to catch inmates and staff. Besides myself, the jailer and the head nurse, no one is allowed to carry cell phones and Cellbusters helps ensure this.”

With the deployment of Zone Protectors and Zone Manager, Whitehouse knows for certain that contraband cell phones are no longer an issue at MCDC and plans to make sure it stays that way.

“People in the jail business want to find technology and tools that help with security,” said Whitehouse. “Cellbusters gives us just that—a tool that actually works and makes my security job much easier.”

“We are pleased to provide MCDC a technology solution that is cost-effective, has easy-to-use reporting capabilities and is scalable,” said Derek Forde, US Representative at Cellbusters. “It is clear from these statistics and graphs that the rate of contraband or illicit cell phone use drops dramatically irrespective of the customers application. The labor-intensive blind searches previously done at MCDC were disruptive and unreliable, with no guarantee of finding cell phones. The ROI happens quickly due to the reduction of man hours spent searching for phones.”

The Cellbusters solution enhances security in prisons and other correctional facilities by helping staff to detect and eradicate contraband cell phones. Find more about the solution online at

About Marion County Detention Center MCDC is a 300-bed full-service jail in Lebanon, KY that houses local, state, federal and military inmates. Their duty is to house incarcerated offenders in a manner that protects the public and institutional safety while providing a legal standard of care, as well as to provide programs intended to reduce the likelihood of re-incarceration.

About Cellbusters For more than a decade, Cellbusters has been focused on a single mission: to help customers guard against the security risks posed by cellular devices. The company’s state-of-the-art solutions help protect government, industry, and the military around the world and virtually anywhere cell phone use is restricted or prohibited.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Cellbusters is a privately owned company with an office in Ireland to handle European distribution. One of the first companies to address the need to detect, monitor, control and locate the unauthorized used of cell phones, Cellbusters provides leading detection solutions to its US clients, and other customers worldwide.

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