In an age of inexpensive, miniaturized electronics, it is not hard for members of the public to get their hands on a variety of devices that can be used to breach information security. Even the common cell phone can be used in espionage, along with more specialized devices such as miniature cameras and audio transmitters, commonly known as “bugs.” It is the role of a radio frequency detection device to monitor for the activity of such devices and provide an alert when they are detected.



Cell phones are also small radio transmitters. They broadcast on specific wavelengths, which allows a radio frequency detection device to monitor for communications and issue an alert when it detects activity. While the protocols and wavelengths of cellular phone transmissions are prescribed and well known, there is a much wider range of frequencies that other devices might use. As such, sophisticated radio frequency detection requires a device akin to a spectrometer: one that can detect transmissions over a considerable frequency range.

Radio frequency detection is an important part of any security system where it is important to detect unauthorized transmissions. A radio frequency detection device can also be deployed for reasons of safety: there are places such as certain industrial locations where the use of cell phones, for example, could be a dangerous distraction.

Cellbusters has over a decade of experience of solutions for radio frequency detection. Its Zone Protector™ is a state-of-the-art radio frequency detection device that can detect transmission frequencies from 20Mhz to 6 Ghz. This covers not only cell phones, which operate at frequencies in the range of about 700Mhz to around 2Ghz, but also transmitters across a much broader frequency range.