Add a layer of security by detecting the presence of a cell phone

Make sure you take every possible precaution to protect valuable goods in your retail or warehouse premises.
With more than 9 out of 10 Americans owning a cell phone, the chances are good than any intruder will be carrying one.

Zone Protector™ is a powerful, easy-to-deploy device that constantly scans for cell phone activity and can immediately alert security staff to the presence of an intruder. Detection is not limited to line-of-sight or to the perimeter of premises, making it the ideal complement to infrared motion detectors and door and window sensors.

Cellbusters Zone Protector™ – Cell Phone and RF Detector

Zone Protector™ continuously scans for cell phone activity – and other user-selectable RF transmissions.

Capable of detecting all cellular activity including short text messages and cell phone registration pulses.

Alert options include visual alert or silent logging once cell phone is detected.

Use in combination with Zone Manager™ to log and display alert activity on a map of the facility making it easier to detect and apprehend the intruder.

Cell Phone Detector

Features at a glance

  • Detects all cell phones (standby, texts, data and calls)
  • Wide variety of alert options
  • Relay activation on alert to control or shut down other devices on detect
  • Power over Ethernet (POE) as standard for easy deployment
  • Adjustable detection radius for smaller retail premises or for larger warehouses and storage yards
  • A/C Power adapter (optional internal rechargeable battery for portable use)
  • Works out of the box making it easy to deploy
  • Software upgradable as new protocols emerge
  • Fully supported – US Technology – CE and FCC Certification


Centrally detect cell phone activity throughout your facility in real time

Zone Manager is the perfect software solution for large sites with one or more distributed Zone Protectors.
Get immediate notifications as soon as cell phone activity is detected, helping you quickly respond to intruders.

Cellbusters Zone Manager™

Zone Manager™ is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool that delivers real time information about unauthorized access to premises..

View alert locations on an interactive map of your facility, download collated alert data for easy analysis or use the interactive graph feature to quickly identify problem areas and trends.

Install Zone Manager™ on premise or as a cloud service delivered and supported by Cellbusters.

Zone Manager Locate Cell Phones

Features at a glance

  • View alerts on facility map in real time
  • Real time event logging collected from distributed Zone Protectors™
  • Statistics and Reporting
  • Alert notification via email or API
  • Centralized control and management
  • On premise or clould option available