Future proof your investment with the Zone Protector™ from Cellbusters


Important considerations when selecting a cell phone detector

When choosing a cell phone detector (or any other technology for that matter) you will no doubt want to future proof your investment and ensure it does not become obsolete a few months later.

The majority of cell phone detectors on the market today are totally restricted by their “fixed” hardware design. In other words they are designed and manufactured to detect certain frequency ranges at a fixed point in time, and cannot be changed or updated should new cellular frequency ranges emerge in the future.

Cell Phone Detector

The Zone Protector™ however, is a true Software Defined Detector™ and no such restrictions apply. This revolutionary design enables you to easily add, remove or modify frequency ranges and settings via the intuitive web interface as required anytime in the future.


Advantage of Cellbusters unique Software Defined Detector™

Hardware controlled cell phone detectors are designed to detect fixed frequency ranges once they leave the factory. As new cellular frequencies and protocols emerge such devices will no longer be capable of detection given their fixed design.

However, the Zone Protector™ is a true Software Defined Detector™, meaning it takes just seconds to add the new protocols or frequencies such as 5G, WiFi etc via the web interface or firmware update

Furthermore you can also add any frequency in the detection range that you need to detect (so its not just restricted to cell phone frequencies).

The Zone Protector™ gives you full flexibility and control resulting in a robust, agile and future proof solution.